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Premium Route Mangement Service

Leave behind the time-consuming paperwork! With OpenTravel, you can schedule your routes for drivers, buses, and orders in a second. Our solution eliminates the need for the overwhelming scheduling boards and documents.

OpenTravel includes a 24/7 dispatch center as well!

Coordinate Flights / Routes. Scheduling and planning. Communication with Drivers. Ready for everything!

We have developed a transportation, scheduling, and accounting system for companies involved in bus passenger transport, operating both regular and occasional bus routes with their own or outsourced vehicle fleets. Opentravel could help to manage even hundreds of daily departures incuding quotations and settlements or accounting and many more. With the integrated mapping module optimal utilization can be achieved, allowing for efficient route planning and management. Opentravel is capable of notifying clients about the current status of their programs. Thanks to its user-friendly design, the system allows for the easy overview of even a large number of daily departures. Using the quotation module, you can create multiple types of offers, and then with a single click, you can generate an order from the most suitable one. With the integrated mapping module, you can easily plan departures, routes, and timing data with a single click, creating graphical route plans. The system features advanced bus proposal and route optimization functions.

OpenTravel is the best choice, if....

You specialized for managing and allocating a vehicle fleet (such as a bus fleet), or route scheduling.

OpenTravel not only helps you maintain competitiveness but also has the potential to elevate your business above industry rivals. With OpenTravel, route planning becomes fast and easy.

You might be feeling overwhelmed by Excel spreadsheets and Word documents.

The OpenTravel route management system is user friendly, customizable for your company's needs, and accessible remotely. With it, you can generate quotes and order confirmations with the press of a button.

Creating settlements takes up too much time.

OpenTravel allows for tracking and processing of expenses. You can create settlements for clients, subcontractors, and drivers. It shows on-the-fly whether the order was profitable or incurred a loss.

There have been cases where a bus was not there on time for departure.

With OpenTravel, such situations can be avoided because the mobile application allows for driver alerts to be set up. Drivers are continuously informed about their assignments, and the system indicates the status of notifications.

It's noticeable that the fleet is not being optimally utilized.

Az OpenTravellel a megrendelésekhez optimalizálható a járművek száma, így még nyereségessebbé válhat a vállalkozás. Az OpenTravel segít megállapítani a megrendeléseihez szükséges flotta méretet is.

You need (more) time

OpenTravel gives you time:
  • The unused buses and drivers are visible.
  • Generating quotes, orders, settlements, and invoices with "one click."
  • Assigning costs and revenues to departures.

There is nothing else like OpenTravel!

Remote access

You don't have to work from the office! You can access the system from anywhere and can see the flights, or just the daily tasks.

IOS/Android and Windows applications

Customers and drivers can be notified about their daily tasks. With Mobile applications alerts can be send, or you can manage daily expenses too.

Drag&Drop function

Vehicle allocation has never been as simple as it is. In the calendar view, you can assign vehicles to jobs or departures.

Structured, well-organized, and user-friendly interface

The largest bus companies in Hungary are already using OpenTravel, because it's easy to learn. Everything is where it should be

Customizable reports of any number and type

Every piece of data in the system is queryable. You can decide what kind of reports you need.

A fully customizable system to your business needs

Your own requirements are welcome too. In OpenTravel, almost every unique need can be accommodated

They are already OpenTravel useres too

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Kiemelt vállalaltirányítási Solutions

Travel management

Programok tervezése - buszok rendelése, guide-ok vezénylése és elszámolások.

Vehicle / Equipment Service

Vehicle and Equipment service history, service management with settlements and warehouses

Vehicle (resource) management

Route scheduling and settlement management

Smadify - InStore Radio

Customized music (stream & MP3/MP4) and customized, own adds

HR Management

Recruitment, time tracking, payroll calculation

Production management

Production planning, Capacity planning, and (Post)calculation


Up-To-Date information, customizable reports, queries

Purchase / Sales - CRM

Purchase planning, orderes, pending good receipts. Sales orders, good receipts, and billing.

Inventory management

What, how much, where, and On-The-Fly inventory value calculation (report)


Bank accounts management, Accounting and general ledger


Don't compromise, choose the best!

Test the mobil apps too Now avilable on IOS and Andorid

Enhance your system to ensure you don't miss out on anything, even remotely!

User-friendly interface

Our mobile applications are easily manageable due to their streamlined interfaces.

Customized for users

Select which processes you would like to execute through the apps.


The applications are constantly connected to the company, ensuring that the system is always up-to-date.

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