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Service events quickly and easily

The best choice when Excel and every other fleet management system no longer help!

OpenService is not complicated, easy to understand, and automatic

Designed for tracking both internal and external service activities and automating routine maintenance workflow administration

OpenService helps to optimize and make vehicle fleet management more efficient. The modul assists useres to save time and costs by the automating service and maintenance reminders, thereby avoiding problems arising from delays and oversights.The software tracks the service history, maintenance, and parts usage of all vehicles, thus optimizing fleet efficiency. Another advantage is that it provides the opportunity to create reports and analyses, aiding in the development of periodic maintenance plans. Choose OpenService management software for easier and more efficient car fleet management!

The OpenService is the best choice, if...

There are vehicle events for which it's beneficial to have alarms.

In order to avoid last-minute actions, the module allows setting distance or date-based alerts for technical inspections, services, permits, as well as expiring documents, service appointments, and tire changes.

It's necessary to identify the problematic vehicles.

The service history precisely displays what happened with each vehicle, when and why it happened. It becomes visible how much money had to be allocated to certain buses during time periods. Knowledge of maintenance costs is essential in fleet management.

You need to save costs on tires.

Every single tire's lifespan can be tracked: when, on which vehicle, and on which axle it was used, along with the total mileage.

Up-to-date information is needed about the equipment of the vehicles.

With OpenService, you can instantly access information about the equipment of your vehicles or any deficiencies. The missing of USB cables, spare tires, documents, and more can create many problems and expenses. OpenService immediately alerts if there has been a change in the equipment.

The goal is a paperless office.

Everything is in one place, no more searching through cardboard boxes or browsing through countless Excel sheets. Whether it's reporting damage incidents, managing insurance matters, service and maintenance tasks, OpenService stores everything and provides precise information on everything.

Fuel consumption data needs to be stored

Using OpenService's comparative fuel consumption reports it immediately becomes clear which routes and drivers are causing an increase in vehicle fuel consumption.

OpenService shakes up fleet management!

Mobile applications

We have also complemented OpenService with mobile applications, such as the error reporting or equipment modification features.

Customizable alerts

OpenService also prepares for future events that become due when certain criteria are met, such as expiring documents, oil changes, and mandatory services.

Tire's lifespan

Tracking the lifespan, performance, and axle history of tires contributes to the safety, efficiency, and reliability of vehicles.

WEB interface

The OpenService system is web-based, accessible from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser, and the system becomes available on-the-fly.

Integrated ERP

OpenService is a fully integrated system. As part of the Openbravo ERP, along with other modules, OpenService can indeed cover the entire operation of the company.

Custom solutions for everyone

In OpenService, there is no such thing as impossible. It can implement developments that other fleet management systems cannot.

They are already OpenService useres too




Kiemelt vállalaltirányítási Solutions

Travel management

Programok tervezése - buszok rendelése, guide-ok vezénylése és elszámolások.

Vehicle / Equipment Service

Vehicle and Equipment service history, service management with settlements and warehouses

Vehicle (resource) management

Route scheduling and settlement management

Smadify - InStore Radio

Customized music (stream & MP3/MP4) and customized, own adds

HR Management

Recruitment, time tracking, payroll calculation

Production management

Production planning, Capacity planning, and (Post)calculation


Up-To-Date information, customizable reports, queries

Purchase / Sales - CRM

Purchase planning, orderes, pending good receipts. Sales orders, good receipts, and billing.

Inventory management

What, how much, where, and On-The-Fly inventory value calculation (report)


Bank accounts management, Accounting and general ledger


Don't compromise, choose the best!

Test the mobil apps too Now avilable on IOS and Andorid

Enhance your system to ensure you don't miss out on anything, even remotely!

User-friendly interface

Our mobile applications are easily manageable due to their streamlined interfaces.

Customized for users

Select which processes you would like to execute through the apps.


The applications are constantly connected to the company, ensuring that the system is always up-to-date.

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