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The real Travel Management Software

OpenTour is the most efficient software for travel organizers. From now on, organizing individual and group trips, arranging transfers, and creating vehicle and guide schedules will be child's play!

All in one place - we're opening up a new dimension!

Az OpenTour "All-in-One" rendszer mindent tud, amire csak szükség lehet csoportok - vendégek programjainak tervezéséhez.

Travel organizers know that providing precise and reliable services and responding quickly to customer inquiries is of utmost importance. Especially travel organizers are the ones who are sensitive to even the slightest changes and cost fluctuations because they serve as the bridge between the customer and the service provider. That's why there is a need for 21st-century infrastructure that alleviates the significant burden of administration from their shoulders, allowing them to focus solely on their business. OpenTour will provide you exactly what you expect from it: It gives you time!

The OpenTour is the best choice, if...

It's crucial to have all data in one place.

OpenTour is an integrated ERP. The entire process of procurement, sales, program organization, and reporting inquiries is all within one system.

Planning airport transfers is also a task.

You need to organize group transfers or individual travel arrangements and have to allocate hosts to jobs, then OpenTour is the best solution. The system allows you to track who needs to be where and when!

You have at least 10-15 programs daily

Organizing programs is a highly complex task. Ensuring locations, buses, and participants require serious attention. The more programs there are, the higher the margin for error. OpenTour minimizes mistakes, leaves nothing forgotten, and keeps an eye on unforeseen tasks.

A megrendelői elszámolások pontatlanok, vagy lassan készülnek el

It would be great to see how profitable each program was. Until now, this was only possible days later because the expense receipts didn't arrive on time. In OpenTour, expenses are immediately visible, allowing for real-time settlements with clients.

Scheduling and managing guides and hosts takes up too much time.

Who's available and when? What licenses and permits does each employee have? This becomes increasingly unmanageable when dealing with more than 20-25 people. In OpenTour, guides and their credentials can be prioritized and scheduled for programs based on their abilities.

It matters that the clients and passengers are satisfied.

Clients rightfully demand flawless service as well as accurate and swift billing. From now on, Speed and Precision are the benchmarks of OpenTour. OpenTour helps ensure that your clients and guests are satisfied!

We've put everything that exists into it, making OpenTour unique and indispensable. From program planning to execution, from proposal preparation to billing, and beyond...

Program Itiner

Group leaders, bus companies, and guides can perform their work more accurately when they work based on program itiners that are tailored to their needs and contain only the data relevant to them.

Tracking revenues and expenses

You don't have to wait for expense receipts to arrive at the office; they can be submitted remotely, allowing for the precise tracking of the profitability of each program.

Mobile applications

Alerting clients and guides about their daily tasks. The mobile applications also offer the possibility to send alerts and notifications and manage daily expenses as well.

Custom reports

Custom reports with any number and content assist program organizers in their work. Instant insights can be provided on profitability and program progress.

User-friendly and quickly learnable user interfaces

The development of OpenTour took a long time. We continuously sought solutions to make it simple, transparent, and fast to use.

"One-click" processes with templates

In OpenTour, there are no redundant processes or data. By using program templates, you only need to set quantities and press the 'OK' button. The system has never been this complex and yet so simple.

They are already OpenTour useres too

Inspiration Travel

Kiemelt vállalaltirányítási Solutions

Travel management

Programok tervezése - buszok rendelése, guide-ok vezénylése és elszámolások.

Vehicle / Equipment Service

Vehicle and Equipment service history, service management with settlements and warehouses

Vehicle (resource) management

Route scheduling and settlement management

Smadify - InStore Radio

Customized music (stream & MP3/MP4) and customized, own adds

HR Management

Recruitment, time tracking, payroll calculation

Production management

Production planning, Capacity planning, and (Post)calculation


Up-To-Date information, customizable reports, queries

Purchase / Sales - CRM

Purchase planning, orderes, pending good receipts. Sales orders, good receipts, and billing.

Inventory management

What, how much, where, and On-The-Fly inventory value calculation (report)


Bank accounts management, Accounting and general ledger


Don't compromise, choose the best!

Test the mobil apps too Now avilable on IOS and Andorid

Enhance your system to ensure you don't miss out on anything, even remotely!

User-friendly interface

Our mobile applications are easily manageable due to their streamlined interfaces.

Customized for users

Select which processes you would like to execute through the apps.


The applications are constantly connected to the company, ensuring that the system is always up-to-date.

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