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Don't get lost in production operations!

Nothing should happen in production that you're unaware of!
With the Openbravo Production module, you can always stay up-to-date no matter where you are.

The Openbravo Production module was developed and tested in collaboration with Hungarian manufacturing companies. A few months after the software implementation period the customers had achieved measurable savings simply by optimally utilizing their production lines and making their inventory levels transparent and manageable.

We recommend a system where you don't have to make compromises! This Openbravo Production can be customized according to your business needs.

Capacity planning

It is essential for every business that its fleet of machinery and equipment involved in operations is utilized as efficiently as possible. With Openbravo Production , it can be ensured that the machinery and vehicles used for work are utilized in the most cost-effective manner based on user-defined parameters.

Manufacturing cost calculation

The manufacturing cost calculation module is a great asset for businesses engaged in custom or small-batch manufacturing, as well as those producing their products in multiple variations. It determines the quantity and quality of materials and processes required to produce a product using assembly drawings and breakdowns defined at any level of detail. It assists in calculating raw dimensions and the final weight of the product. Collaborating with inventory management and production planning, the system generates procurement recommendations and prepares the manufacturing project with the necessary data for production.

Tracking manufacturing operations

Openbravo Production goes beyond process planning and is capable of forecasting manufacturing resource requirements and workforce planning. Furthermore, it evaluates workforce performance and resource utilization efficiency, taking into account manufacturing data, working hours, and standards. The software can store recipes for the products manufactured by the company, allowing it to quickly determine the required raw material quantities for planned production volumes. Considering production scheduling, it continuously calculates the material, energy, and labor requirements and prepares future plans based on trends.

Inventory information

The module is capable of compiling and maintaining orders in tabular form. It generates material receipt notes, which can be done automatically or manually. Openbravo Production generates procurement reports that enable continuous cost tracking. The software identifies the location of certain goods in the warehouse. Multiple warehouses can be used with associated data, and they can be linked to customers, usual delivery routes, product types, and quantities. Transactions related to materials and products can be planned and recorded, and the program is capable of automatically recording these movements. It keeps track of the available inventory quantity and automatically determines the inventory value based on costs and the quantity produced.

Production reports

The system includes an integrated reporting module that allows for presentation, analysis, and decision support based on data from various sources. This effectively supports management tasks and simplifies decision-making among alternatives

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Production control

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Manufacturing progress monitoring

Be Up To Date even when you are not there

Sending and receiving notifications

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Real Time datas and reports

All information in one place directly from the manufacturing sites

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Inventory management

What, how much, where, and On-The-Fly inventory value calculation (report)

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Openbravo Production

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